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Legislative Tracking
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2019 Regular Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative Session convened at noon on Monday, April 8, 2019, and must adjourned at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2019.  Items appearing listed on this page were tracked as they relate to the P-H-C industry by Courson Nickel, PHCCLA's lobbying firm.


First and foremost - THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you and represent you in Baton Rouge.  It is an honor to have you all as a client and we appreciate you very much.  If there is anything we can ever do to assist you - please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please find below a final report on the status of the legislation we were tracking and working on on your behalf.  


A few general session highlights:


  • 863 bills were introduced - 620 House bills and 243 Senate bills.  Also 32 Constitutional Amendments and 872 Resolutions.  Folks thought it would be a “quiet” session because of the upcoming fall elections - that didn’t happen!


  • For the first time in 8 years there was no “budget battle”.  The state generated enough resources to allow for a General Appropriations bill that was not controversial.  It contains 30.1 billion dollars in spending for FY 2019-2020.  A 1.6% increase from last year.


  • No cuts to health care in the budget.  However, no significant improvements were made to assist the public private partners in providing health care for medicaid patients in Louisiana. 


  • The gas tax never really had a chance of passing but there was some success in infrastructure funding:  Legislators diverted some Deepwater Horizon funding to a list of specific transportation projects.  


  • All Louisiana public school teachers will get a $1,000 raise adn support personnel will receive a $500 pay raise.  This was a promise by the Governor and the Legislature prior tot the session.


  • Statewide ride-sharing requirements were passed and a regulatory framework for use of automated, driverless trucks on the state’s highways was approved as well. 


  • Hemp was excluded from the controlled substances law allowing for the Dept. of Agriculture to license individuals to cultivate, process and transport industrial hemp.


  • A number of laws further restricting abortions in Louisiana were passed.


  • Some delivery of alcohol by third parties was approved under certain circumstances.


  • New Orleans was successful in diverting some hotel/motel tax dollars normally used for tourism and event promotion to be used to improve city infrastructure.


There were a few other items of note - but above are the ones that drew much of the attention of the legislature and the media.  


REMINDER:  This is an election year in Louisiana  - campaigns for the legislature and the statewide offices are underway - the primary is just over a hundred days away - October 12th.  We will be monitoring all of the elections (nearly 1/2 the legislature is going to change!) and keep you apprised of all developments.


Have a great summer.


Bud and Jim

HB 63 by Bouie, Joe(D)

Requires that any contractor who enters into a contract with a public entity comply with the Louisiana Equal Pay for Women Act.

Bill History:  05-08-19 H Involuntarily Deferred House Committee on House Labor and Industrial Relations


HB 78 by Carmody, Thomas(R)

Provides for the remission of a contractor's license renewal fee for the benefit of public construction education programs.

Bill History:  04-23-19 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Commerce

HB 172 Pierre, Vincent(D)

Provides relative to the training, registration, and certification of fire-resistant material applicators.

Bill History: 08-01-19 G Effective

HB 203 by Miller, Greg(R)

Provides relative to privileges on immovables.

Bill History: 01-01-20 G Effective

HB 217 by Leger, Walt(D)

Increases certain special permit fees and dedicates the proceeds of the fee increase into the Construction Subfund of the Transportation Trust Fund.

Bill History: 01-01-20 G Effective


HB 273 by Carmody, Thomas(R)

Provides relevant updates and technical corrections to statutes relative to contractors.

Bill History: 08-01-19 G Effective

SB 20 by Fannin(R)

Provides for legislative oversight and adoption of proposed updates to the State Uniform Construction Code.

Bill History:  03-01-19 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Commerce

SB 26 by Martiny(R)

Provides relative to the New Home Warranty Act.

Bill History:  05-01-19 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate Commerce

SB 200 by Cortez(R)

Provides for use of A + B bid method in contracts for public works let by local governmental subdivisions under certain conditions.

Bill History: 08-01-19 G Effective

SCR 102 by Barrow(D)

Requests the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors to study the criteria used to assess penalties against contractors who violate licensing laws.

Bill History: 05-15-19 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Commerce

SCR 113 by Smith(D); Miller, G(R)
Creates the Public Works Contracts Task Force to study the feasibility of increasing the contract limit applicable to public works contracts.
Bill History: 06-04-19 G Enrolled

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